ADS provide incisive analysis and forecasting on the political landscape and security issues. This coupled with visualisation and research, help us make informed business decisions and plan operations in confidence.


ADS cover day to day business and crew changes, with bespoke secure journey management solutions tailored to the client’s business...



ADS deliver security offshore services for but not limited to: Static oil & gas installations, seismic & drilling operations to...


ADS provide comprehensive solutions for any environment and challenge that our corporate and individual clients encounter.

Individually developed solutions that are constantly evaluated enable the implementation and maintenance of appropriate protocols. Whether for a long term or short visit requirement, this level of diligence ensures our clients’ level of exposure is managed with appropriate and comprehensive solutions as the operational environment evolves. We constantly monitor local threat conditions, carrying out robust risk assessments to determine appropriate security level, to provide protection for anyone whose role takes them to areas where their safety might be at risk.

With a wealth of experience in training, we are able to enhance operational effectiveness of training services across a wide range of disciplines. This can include training that can be delivered to our clients onsite; enabling maximum attendance and minimum impact to client operations. Through our highly qualified and experienced instructors, we provide specifically designed bespoke training packages that can be adapted to our client’s requirements.



The Company was conceived and equity financed by Nigerian Investors, to offer clients a fully compliant company satisfying all Nigerian Content Legislation including cooperation agreements, for operations with other fully Nigerian Compliant companies as recommended by the NCDMB. ADS also utilise Nigerian companies administratively, including but not limited to, Banking/Medical/Insurance/ etc.


The wealth of operational experience held within our management ensures that the highest standards are achieved. We deliver bespoke security solutions tailored to each client, that meets both specific and ambient threats in complex environments. We understand the complex world within which businesses have to operate in an ever-changing landscape. Opportunities often require expansion into hostile environments and considering the specific requirements of our clients is our core focus.


Confidentiality is important to most businesses, so we don’t identify clients as a matter of course, but they do include national and multinational businesses within the oil and gas industry.


ADS understand the importance of reliable intelligence reporting to support their national operations, which allows us to act accordingly and put in place counter measures to ensure our clients vessels are properly serviced to limit the exposure to any threats. The round the clock operations room is supported with intelligence updates from a platform of providers who deliver immediate intelligence updates assisting us to mitigate risks.