About us

The Company was conceived and equity financed by Nigerian Investors, to offer clients a fully compliant company satisfying all Nigerian Content Legislation including cooperation agreements, for operations with other fully Nigerian Compliant companies as recommended by the NCDMB. ADS also utilise Nigerian companies administratively, including but not limited to, Banking/Medical/Insurance/ etc.

The main principal of ADS is to offer security services that are compatible to any foreign company in the same field. To enable this ADS has put together a small but very experienced and motivated team of ex-patriots and local personnel previously from very senior roles; in-country and overseas quoted companies who have had considerable and variable experience of operating successful multi-disciplined projects in Nigeria over the last 25 years both onshore and offshore.

The wealth of operational experience held within our management team ensures that the highest standards are achieved in a constantly evolving threatening landscape. The focus of our operations must continuously adapt to meet changing economic, criminal and security challenges. We deliver bespoke security solutions tailored to clients’ needs that meet both specific and ambient threats in complex environments.


ADS endeavours to utilise and deploy diverse expertise – bringing multiple perspectives and a depth of experience to support our clients’ needs. Our expertise reflects our backgrounds as government and corporate security experts, cyber experts, strategy consultants, and intelligence roles, amongst a variety of other professions.


Confidentiality is important to most businesses, so we don’t identify clients as a matter of course, but they do include national and multinational businesses within the oil and gas industry.